Does T-Mobile Allow Tethering?

Yes! T-Mobile Allows Tethering

Yes, T-Mobile customers can tether their new iPads to their existing T-Mobile phones, and here are two videos on how to tether iPad to Android phones. There are 35 apps in the Android marketplace that relate to tethering and most Android operating systems have WiFi tethering built right in.  Some tethering apps are paid and some are free and we assume all will perform the same function of making your phone a Wi-Fi or MiFi hotspot. However, if you are running the Android operating system "Froyo" on the G2, Galaxy, MyTouch, or Nexus S the USB or WiFi tethering is built right into the operating system.  :)

iPad and new tablet purchasers have been questioning whether it's worth it to buy the WiFi & 3G iPad cost comparison or 4G versions or wait for iPad LTE. It's not necessary to pay for the additional and very expensive data plans when you can tether your HSPA+ 4G phone to any iPad. We recommend purchasing the Wi-Fi-only iPad and using your existing unlimited T-Mobile data plan tethered to your G2 the best 4G phone, Galaxy, MyTouch, or Nexus S.

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