What is the Best 4G Phone?

T-Mobile HTC G2 HSPA+ Phone

Who has the highest-rated smartphone?  T-Mobile has the best 4G HSPA+ and the largest 4G network and the best 4G phone which is the Google HTC G2 smartphone and the Froyo Android operating system. T-Mobile also has the cheapest unlimited data plans as well.  The G2's very fast smartphone has an 800 MHz processor and runs on T-Mobile's 4G HSPA+ network. It comes packed with applications like Google Voice, Google Listen for Podcasts, Swipe for texting with one hand, Google Places for finding locations easily, Google Goggles, PhotoBucket, and many enhanced contacts syncing features for Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail.

The best feature on the phone is its' Android tethering application which allows you to make your G2 device become a WiFi router or MiFi hotspot. The 2nd best feature of the device is the ability to make WiFi phone calls through your broadband or WiFi connection. It's like using a femtocell or having a cell phone booster built directly into the phone.

The G2 flip-up screen and the placement of the navigation bar are in the areas you would expect. The power button on top makes it easy to turn on a swipe to turn on. The screen is slightly larger than the G1 and it sits nicely in your hand to use without the keyboard. I had the Samsung Galaxy for a short time and returned and I have also tried the MyTouch.  Here is a comparison of the G2, MyTouch, and Nexus S phones and a comparison of the G2 vs MyTouch and Vibrant vs G2.

Lucky you if you were one of the many people who waited 3 months to get your Free T-Mobile G2 phone. If you are a new customer you can get it for free and if you are already a customer you can get it for $149.  Some Sprint customers have raved about the Epic and Evo 4G phones but honestly, they don't compare if you are a heavy Google user or love Android.

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