Verizon FiOS WiFi Speed Test 20 mbps Upload & Download

When Will HSPA+ Wimax LTE Beat these Wifi Speeds?
When I see these speeds on my home network I question how many customers are willing to pay $600-$900 per year for 4G LTE at half the internet speed.  Verizon LTE and Wimax data plans are expensive and speeds are only 1-12 mbps.  Wifi can compete with 4G LTE if consumers simply open up and share their Wifi networks and don't secure them.  Free Wifi hotspots growth is approaching 40% per year which is 25x faster than LTE or Wimax cell phone towers so pricing is going to have to come down soon with the added competition of free.  We would love to see a company like Google buy Verizon FiOS and take its fiber network and home connections to the next level.

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