Why is Business Broadband So Expensive?

"Deals" for Office Business Broadband are a Rip Off
Why would any business want to lease office space when you know that your broadband provider is going to shove a huge bills like these up your _ss.  I can understand why businesses are becoming distributed and having their employees to to work from home at these costs. Most offices are paying 10X more for broadband at the office for speeds that are 10X less.  This advertisement from AT&T shows office speeds or "10-50 mbps for $1,000-$1,500 per month". Speak Easy has advertisements for a "Full T1 + Speakeasy Voice as low as $269/month" and "3x3 Mbps Business Ethernet for $379".  

This is 10-20 times more expensive than you would pay for the same service in your home if you had U-Verse home broadband + TV.  It just doesn't make any sense and I am surprised that no businesses have tried to disruptive it the ridiculously expensive market pricing.  This pricing scream government intervention and unfair market pricing and surprised that our FCC does do a damn thing about it. Listen to this great interview with Walt Mossberg with the FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski on how US consumers and businesses are getting screwed by US broadband providers.

Can 4G or LTE service be disruptive to operators who like to charge $250-$500 per month for upload and download speeds for less than 5 mbps.  Do you really need customer all the customer support that they bundle into the pricing?  Are real estate landlords putting secret money in their pockets from the broadband providers?  Is this one of the reason that Google is buying fiber all throughout the US? 

For example . . . if I am paying $50 per month for 25/25 mbps up and down at home on FiOS.  Why am I paying $250-$500 per month for a T1 or dedicated Ethernet that has speeds of less that 1 to 3 mbps per second.  It would cost me about $1,000 per month to have comparable speeds that I get at home.

Office Building Broadband Speeds Available

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