Roger Altman Lies about AT&T T-Mobile Merger on CNBC

Fast Forward to 6 minutes of this 13 minute interview with Joe Kernan
Evercore Partners Chairman Roger Altman (EVR), stutters and lies to CNBC Joe Kernen about AT&T's (T) proposed acquisition of Deutsche Telekom's (DTEGY).  He emphatically claims the T-Mobile AT&T merger will be approved by antitrust regulators but the DOJ and FCC will scrutinize over several months. Roger is also advising AT&T in the merger deal and is part of the army of army of investment banker advistors.  Here are his lies in his interview with Joe who tries to press for more information unsuccessfully.  If this guy is advising Obama and AT&T it makes me terrified.

Lie #1)  Roger goes on to justify the acquisition by saying he is not biased in the deal because he is knowledgeable about the telecom industry and watches TV. (Dumb comment & Roger is an advisor to AT&T and the Obama so how could you not be biased?)

Lie #2)  He says anyone watches sports on TV will know how competitive the industry is because of the all the wireless commercials they see.  (Stupid comment again because AT&T & Verizon control 85% of the telecom advertising spend)  

Lie #3) Roger also says that telecom is the mostly fiercely competitive industry in the World (BS!  We are talking about competition in the United States not the World which is far more competitive than the US)

Lie #4) Roger says I don't see how prices won't continue to fall in the US. (Total BS! T-Mobile raising prices post acquisition already) .

Lie #5)  Roger doesn't see how this acquisition will change the face of the industry as it competes today because prices have been falling for the last 10 years.  (They have around the World but not in the US!)

Lie #6) Roger pokes fun at the FCC chairman for claiming a spectrum deficit which he clearly doesn't understand (BS again talking out of his ass!)

Lie #7)  Roger says AT&T will end up more cell site density (Bogus and wrong and why cell tower stocks tanked)

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