Why Your Phone Might Be Running Slow

Your Carrier is Throttling Data Speeds

Carriers have started to announce two new "unlimited data plan" packages for mobile subscribers to dupe them into thinking they might save money.  However, what they are not telling you is that if you go over your limited unlimited data plan of 2GB that they will start to throttle back your speeds.  Some carriers like AT&T and Verizon are offering 200MB data plans or 2GB even charging you extra on your plan if you go over by 2GB.  This is one clever way that the carrier can legally force you into using less data even through it doesn't specific this in your contract.  So if you are looking for the cheapest unlimited data plan its not likely going to be offered anymore by the largest carriers.  Sprint is now out marketing new truly unlimited data plans now that they are being forced to be competitive in the marketplace.  

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