JiWire Free WiFi Finder for iPad

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How to Find Free WiFi Hotpots Using JiWire iPad App

55% of US Wi-Fi hotspots are now free as compared to 25% around the World.  JiWire manages 450,000 hotspot locations in its database compared to Boingo which has 325,000 Worldwide locations.

San Francisco-based mobile WiFi hotspot aggregator JiWire has raised USD 20 million in series C funding and has now raised a total of $45M to help consumers use these locations.  JiWire provides a database and mobile applications for users to easily find and connect to wireless broadband connections for free.

JiWire's areas of growth include broadening its investment in advertising technology & additional M&A opportunities from someone potentially like Google.  The growth capital will be used to expand JiWire's leadership in location-based advertising and to expand on the growing popularity of ad-supported WiFi hotspots.

Free mobile WiFi hotspot growth is growing 5X faster than cell phone towers and could disrupt AT&T & Verizon's 4G business models someday soon.  JiWire has 145,000 free wifi hotspots in the database and claims to reach an audience of 52M people across 4,000 cities, 9,000 hotels, 8,500 cafes, 205 airports and 3,000 other locations.  As mobile phone users start using iPads vs iPhones more data subscriptions become less meaningful and WiFi becomes more important. The JiWire find WiFi app is also available on Android as well.

Deadcellzones.com plans to the effort of WiFi becoming a ubiquitous form of free data communication unlike cellular which still has millions of dead zones and areas where connectivity is impossible.   Building out ad supported WiFi hotspots are starting to make more economical sense than cell phone towers in most cases.  It was great to see Boingo go public last week and we are shareholders.  However, Boingo subscription based business model might be challenged by a company like JiWire if they were able to get together with Google. 

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