Sirius XM iPad & iPhone App Network Down

Sirius XM Why is Your Network Always Down?
I would be embarrassed to be on the Sirius XM engineering team responsible for the iPhone, iPad, and Internet streaming sites for Sirius XM.  The Sirius XM iPad app is constantly experiencing network errors and the company does not provide information about why the problem is occurring.

The internet streaming site is very hard to use on Chrome browser.  The iPad and iPhone apps are always down and connecting to the Sirius network are always hard.  It drops the streaming and sometimes does not allow you to connect.  The iPhone or iPad app does not work on WiFi frequently during normal business hours.  Is this another issue like Netflix when they refuse to pay the CDN (Content Distribution Network) like Level 3 or Akamai?  Pandora seems to work just fine and yet Sirius XM still can't figure out how to make it work.  Pandora has 100M customers and Sirius has a fraction of that they still can't make it work.

I might suggest firing your engineers in New York and pay some professional engineers in San Francisco to make your apps work because you have a fraction of the users that Pandora does.  Not only do you have a fraction of the users but you also charge ridiculous fees to listen.  Howard Stern is the only reason your company is still alive so stop being so cheap with your technology development.   Also, you might want to consider getting your act together to develop a Sirius XM TV App app for Samsung and networked enabled TVs.  Pandora has a TV app and you don't.

Also, it seems that your users are having Sirius XM reception issues streaming the audio to their satellite receivers around the US.  Get your to act together because your customers are not happy!

See SiriusXM's Coverage Map

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