10 Creative Ways Clearwire Could Start Thinking Outside the Box

Clearwire needs to focus on building its customer base through content partnerships that people will consume on the road or in their cars.  The company needs a lot more market and customer credibility as it tries to raise a new round of $1B in debt.  Here are ten partnerships and ideas that could help put Clearwire on the map with the average consumer:

1)  Give your Cradelpoint "Clear Spot" Mobile Router away for free.
2)  Provide coverage & market aggressively near offices and cell phone dead zones.
3)  Work with Google Android to create a free tablet that uses location-based ads
4)  Resell with Satellite broadband services where you don't have coverage
5)  Remove your data caps
6)  Resell cloud computing applications (Salesforce, Pandora, Netflix, Google TV, Hulu)
7)  Partner with Skype & Google Voice for VoIP Wimax
8)  Sell live mobile sports packages of NBA, NHL, NCAA
9)  Free ad-supported mobile TV
10)  Aggressively promote your honest coverage maps unlike your competitors

Dumb wireless pipes need to start thinking more like Hollywood entertainment and Madison Avenue advertising agencies if they want to survive.  Now Verizon Wireless is getting into the data business with their new 4G LTE network which will compete with Clearwire's WiMAX network. Also, AT&T and T-Mobile are speeding up their networks for smartphones using HSPA+ and the speeds are pretty competitive if not better.  It's probably about time that Clear management starts taking a more aggressive look at some new business models because their previously foretasted data card market is just not that big.

Clearwire trades under the stock symbol CLWR and has a market capitalization of roughly $5B dollars. The company has around 3,500 employees and the network operates in 61 markets. According to its corporate profile, they have 642,000 retail and 46,000 wholesale subscribers.  Annual revenues for the company are around $456M and they are still losing lots of money.

WiFi is a direct competitor to the company and it works pretty darn well if you are indoors. Clearwire WiMAX doesn't work very well while indoors and should offer easier ways of working with WiFi. Wimax needs WiFi especially when most of your media is consumed while you are at the office or inside your home or office.  

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