Sweaty Steve Ballmer & Mark Zuckerberg

Can Mobile Phone Consumers Really Trust Their Endorsements?

Facebook & Microsoft (NYSE: MSFT) have both signed a formal petition asking the FCC to APPROVE the AT&T purchase of T-Mobile.  Shocking to see a former Monopoly/Anti-Trust defender like Microsoft not worrying about another possible Monopoly/Anti-Trust candidate being created in a merged AT&T/T-Mobile.  It's no big surprise because Facebook gets AT&T advertising dollars & AT&T is now the main provider of Microsoft Windows phones.  It disgusts me to see AT&T using companies and not real people to endorse the merger.  So I thought I would make examples of who is leading these companies endorsing the merger.  Would love to hear it articulated directly from Zuckerberg's and Ballmer's mouth who both don't understand any of the implications and are simply looking out for their business interests. 

This merger precedent would also aid Facebook & Microsoft should they be brought up for monopolization.  Facebook, Microsoft, and now struggling RIM are in on this together because it reduces the number of providers using Android phones, thus reducing the competitive pressure of Google.  Microsoft needs leverage now that it owns Skype and will try and use the Windows platform to start competing with Google's free Android.  Don't be surprised if you start seeing Facebook and Skype integration  if Bobsled fails.  Only a blind fool thinks that the merger won't stifle competition. What do these guys know about wireless spectrum shortages?

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