Why Carriers Started Blocking Tethering Apps

One Data Plan Is Enough!
Mobile phone carriers AT&T and Verizon are not signing up enough customers on new data plans.  They are are falling way short on forecasts of tablet and laptop owners signing up for additional data plans.  Most informed mobile phone consumers are NOT signing up for additional data plans on their new iPads and tablets because they can simply tether their existing smartphone data plans to save money.  Carriers decided to combat consumers circumventing egregious fees by taking existing tethering app services away that were entitled in the Android operating system.  We think it is about time for a new class action law suit against the carriers for taking away applications and services that we pay for already in our data plans.

Tethering apps and features on 3G and 4G phones have become very popular recently for sophisticated smart phone consumers who already to pay $100 per month for data.  Android Froyo 2.2 customers have been tethering their phones with the embedded tethering feature right on their phone.  Froyo users connect iPads and laptops without paying for a 2nd data plan to save a few hundred dollars per year.  Its a very convenient way to use the iPad WiFi only tablet that costs a few hundred dollars less than the ridiculous 3G iPad.  Most tethering users realize that they only need to tether a few times a month and thus the expensive data plan and 3G iPad is not worth it.

This is very disappointing news for customers of AT&T and Verizon that seem to be forcing Google's hand to remove tethering applications from the marketplace.  Its a huge setback in the marketplace of technology progress simply because these money-grubbing carriers want to rape you some more without adding any value.  Why is AT&T and Verizon doing this and not T-Mobile?  Google G2 phone users on T-Mobile have tethering embedded in the Android 2.2 operating system and it concerns me that the carrier might take it away with future operating system updates.  Does anyone know if future Android updates for the G2 will block this because I will refuse the upgrade.

Why are carriers doing this?  Because the carriers want you to pay for multiple data plans and take more of your money that they don't deserve.  They expect their customer to simply bend over and take it without any service level agreements or guarantees.  Not only do they want more of your money but they wants to charge you $20 per month to tether in order to use data that you already pay for.  This issue needs to be studied at the Government Department of Justice level because these are the anti-competitive practices that everyone is concerned about.  Carriers are colluding to prevent consumers from doing something that they have the right to.

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