T-Mobile Wi-Fi Phone Calling is Now Free

T-Mobile WiFi Calling App Works Great
Did our blog post in November of 2010 Why is T-Mobile WiFi Calling is Not Free have anything influence on T-Mobile finally allowing their customer to make WiFi calls for free?  Or was this decision influenced by the Microsoft acquisition of Skype?  Making calls on using T-Mobile's WiFi calling app on Android phones is now free and does not count against your minutes.  This fabulous mobile app is provided by Kineto Wireless.  Here is a list of T-Mobile UMA WiFi phones and keep in mind they are Android phones.  AT&T does not have WiFi calling features on their Android phones and because they have stuck with their profit making Microcell strategy of charging $200 to use your broadband data.  

If you are traveling overseas this is a tremendous benefit as WiFi has become ubiquitous throughout the World.  Its a great feature if your home or office is located in a cell reception dead zone.  This is a great alternative to AT&T's Microcell or Verizon's femtocell which don't work very well and have interference issues in many cases.  

T-Mobile subscribes with the Even More, Even More Plus and 4G Do More plans will be able to take advantage of this new feature to save on minutes.  T-Mobile customers with these data plans will be notified via SMS for the new feature.  You may also call the Customer Care service on details of how to download the app or obtain a phone with the WiFi calling feature embedded.  See also how to boost your WiFi signal

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