How Will Super Bowl Cell Phone Reception Be in New Orleans?

New Orleans Cell Phone Reception Locations

I attended the Super Bowl in Indianapolis last year and was shocked how poor the cell phone reception was inside the stadium.  Its 2013 and no matter how much added network capacity it seams that Verizon, AT&T, Sprint & T-Mobile add around the stadium they still can't keep up with demand.  I would be shocked if service will be any better in New Orleans at the Superdome this year.  With all the DAS, WiFi and mobile cell phone towers available you would think that the NFL and team owners would invest in providing adequate coverage so the pictures and video can be shared.

Poll: Are Oversized Cell Phones A New Trend?

Featured Samsung Phones at CES 2013

Are oversized cell phones the new thing?  Tablets seem to be getting smaller like the iPad Mini and cell phones seem to be getting larger.  Cell phones are also getting faster with 4G LTE.  Are male mobile phone users willing to tolerate not being about to put their phone in their jeans pocket?  However, if you are a woman and carry a purse maybe a larger phone isn't such an issue.  Let us know what you think in this poll.

Survey: Has Your Cell Reception Improved Since 4G / LTE Launched?

Please fill out our survey below on whether your cell phone reception has improved since 4G / LTE has launched.  Many of our web site contributors have complained at that their Verizon, AT&T and Sprint reception at home is now worse (dropped calls, dead zones, data congestion) but their download and upload speeds are faster when they have a reliable connection.  Please share with us under comments specific areas that your cell phone reception is now worse in the last few years.

Unlimited Mobile to Mobile Calling Plans?

Bait & Switch Unlimited Calling Plans . . . 

Every carrier now has unlimited calling plans.  However, we are doing some research on which wireless carriers claim to provide unlimited calling plans but then charge a fee something else.  The old "bait and switch" billing method without full disclosure.  Cell phone calling plans have always been complicated and somewhat confusing as they are now being blended with unlimited data plans.  Most people expect a flat fee every month but then see charges that they don't recognize or understand.

Please tell us below under comments below which carriers trick you into paying for an unlimited plan and then charge you for something else without fulling disclosing.   

iPad Mini Charger is Not Working

Has anyone else noticed a problem charging their iPad Mini or iPhone 5?  I have had several problems charging my iPad Mini while connected to an outlet.  The iPad Mini and iPhone 5 connectors connectors are smaller.  My solution to resolve the problem has been to remove this piece below and flip it over.  Sometimes cleaning it to remove any debris can make a difference as well.

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