How to Watch Live TV on a Mobile Phone?

Mobile phones can do everything these day’s – they are the ultimate device for convenience. Smartphones allow people to watch all kinds of stuff from the palm of their hand including TV shows. There are some services that charge you a monthly fee for this privilege – but did you know that you can stream live TV feeds without having to pay for it.

If you are connected to Broadband or Wifi – normally this should be quick enough for you to access it from your phone. Simply by using your internet browser you can hit services like where you can view some satellite channels that you may not be even to access on your TV at home. There are certain apps that you can get like MobileTV Pro, where you can have all of this at your fingertips.

With this application you will have over 200 live stream TV channels at your disposal. Normally for a service like this you would need to pay in the region of $10 a month and get the software separately, however you can’t deny how handy having that would be. You only need to buy the software once and it can be used on all Windows phones. There are channels to suit every kind of theme, so whether you like the shopping channels, movies, sports etc you will find something that tickles your fancy, The software is super easy to download and there is very easy instructions that you can follow.

With this application you will have over 200 live stream TV channels at your disposal. Normally for a service like this you would need to pay in the region of $10 a month and get the software separately, however you can’t deny how handy having that would be. You only need to buy the software once and it can be used on all Windows phones. There are channels to suit every kind of theme, so whether you like the shopping channels, movies, sports etc you will find something that tickles your fancy, The software is super easy to download and there is very easy instructions that you can follow.

MediaPortal is another app you can use on your phone that comes with a plug in (free) that’s known as the iPiMP. This will allow TV channels from your PC to be accessible from your phone. The beauty of this is that you can have a scan and flick about the channels and view them on your mobile phone. The idea is that it gets streamed from the computer to your phone from the internet.

There is more where that came from folks – Slingmedia is another popular one. For this you need a Slingbox that should be installed on your TV. The software is really easy to install on your phone and once set up it will allow you to control everything that is transmitted to your phone from the internet. It’s only compatible with IOS phones, though so don’t purchase if you have another kind of Smartphone.

Android apps with similar features can be found on Google Play – one of the most popular being Yupp TV. It’s’ completely free to download and allows you to stream Indian channels live anywhere from your phone. After you have installed the app, you can register at the site to get yourself a username and password and you are good to go! This particular app was set up for Indian users so that wherever they are in the world they could enjoy their favorite Indian TV channels.

Something else that has been generating some interest is the surge of mobile casino’s – in fact some of them even have live dealers that give you that real life casino experience wherever you are. There are some fab mobile casinos no deposit applications that can be found compatible with most phones that will allow you to try them out before spending your hard earned cash! You can play the likes of Roulette, Blackjack and slots anywhere you are! Who would have thought 20 or 30 year’s ago that mobile phones could be so handy!

Cell Phone Tower Data Dumps Can Help Catch Bad Guys

The technique, known as a “Tower Dump,” allows law enforcement to request all call, text and data transmissions from any specific time period from a cell tower’s provider. Evidence from cellular devices plays a key role in data mining, an often overlooked use of digital evidence. By exporting information from multiple digital devices (such as call logs from multiple cellular phones or e-mails from computers) and importing that data into an analytical software package, investigators using data-mining techniques can diagram and visualize a criminal enterprise or a timeline of events. This graphical representation can make it easier for investigators to understand the complex relationships in a criminal enterprise or for a jury to understand criminal activity and the possible connections among offenders in a courtroom presentation.

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Top Cell Tower Lease Rates by State

Who Leases Cell Phone Towers Pie Chart
Carriers Leasing Cell Phone Tower Space
What is the value of leasing a property or cell tower these days in various states? Here are some lease rate ranges we have uncovered from various sources the internet and have sorted this list from most lucrative to least lucrative.  What is most interesting about the States ranked below is that the most expensive lease states have the worse Verizon Wireless 3G coverage.  Verizon Wireless is spending a lot of money on LTE and we think these are the areas they are focusing on first.  The rates below apply to locations that will have more than 1,000 calls or data connections per hour at peak times and would require multiple carriers like AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Clearwire, MetroPCS, Tracfone or another smaller regional carrier to be piggybacking on the same site.  Here is a list of what the rates could be ranked in order:

Massachusetts - $91K - $535K
New York - $30K to $535K
New Jersey - $39K - $514K
Maryland - $121K - $489K
Vermont - $92K - $412K
Arizona - $17K - $283K
New Hampshire - $158K - $412K
Pennsylvania - $23K - $331K
Florida - $20K - $310K
Georgia - $25K - $265K
Rhode Island - $27K - $290K
Virginia - $65K - $230K
Alabama - $25K - $226K
North Carolina - $23K - $206K
Alaska - $14K - $161K
Maine - $88K - $157K
West Virginia - $87K - $105K
Washington DC - $80K - $123K
South Carolina - $25K - $83K

Some of the variable determining lease rates include: Location, Cell Tower Type, Height, Latitude and Longitude, FCC Identification Number (if registered), Carriers on the Tower (if any), Owner of the Tower, Initial Owner/Developer of the Tower, Ground Lease Rate, Collocation Lease Rates

Too Many iPads & Apple Devices in a Classroom Can Cause Wifi Problems

Too Many iPads in Class Can Cause WiFi Problems

Use "Airplane Mode" to Fix The Problems When Devices Are Idle

I volunteered today in my sons 1st grade class and noticed a big problem with the WiFi in the classroom.  There were 41 devices simultaneously connected to the WiFI network.  12 of those devices were iPads and iPods that were "sleep mode" but they were connected to the network even though they were off and in the closet.  These devices were slowing the network down so much that the PCs stopped working in the class. 

26 of the other devices were Windows based PCs that have never previously had a problem connecting to the network until the Apple devices were introduced into the classroom.  I have also noticed this problem at home as well.  Whenever my network is running slow it always seems to improve when I put the 3 iPads and 1 iPod in my home on airplane mode.  

I think Apple needs to get smarter about managing multiple devices communicating on the same network.  The problem with changing devices into airplane mode in the classroom is that it makes the devices untraceable.   Network administrators are currently able to view devices if they are removed from the class room by tracing which Wifi network it connects to.  If anyone else is experiencing these issues please let me know.  

Why Can't Android Phones Receive iPhone Group Texts?

Does Anyone Know How To Reply Group Text On An Android Phone?

4G Network Speeds Compared

Not surprised to see all of the 4G false advertising commercials marketing to convince consumers that they have the fastest network. Also, 4G network pricing compared reveals that pricing is all over the map ranges from from $25 to $80 per month and some 4G networks don't work on cell phones.  Sprint is currently the only network with working 4G capabilities using their 4G WiMAX standard. T-Mobile HSPA+ 4G & AT&T HSPA+ 4G have upgraded their 3G network to support HSPA+ speeds which are capable of 4G network speeds around 21 Mbps. Phone Scoop created this chart comparing the upload and download speeds. The speed tests were performed at 6 different locations in Philadelphia, PA. In summary, T-Mobile came out the faster network hands down.

Our theory has always been its best to be a customer on a network where there are the fewest people. So if AT&T and Verizon each have 80M+ customers its probably a good idea to look at one of the smaller carriers like T-Mobile, Sprint / Clearwire, Tracfone, MetroPCS or one of the hundreds of regional or rural carriers. As always we would appreciate any commentary and feedback from users.  Right now T-Mobile is #1 and has the best 4G coverage on their network.

Unlimited Calling Plans with No Contract

Which Carriers Offer Unlimited Calling Plans with No Contract?

Until recently the prepaid or pay as you go carriers were the only companies playing in the no contract unlimited calling plan space.  T-Mobile USA has seen its growth stall in recent months as pre-paid discount cell phone service providers grab budget-conscious customers, and as AT&T and Verizon Wireless continue to target high-end users. T-Mobile is not the US's fourth-largest carrier is taking aim at both segments at we enter the holiday season with disruptive calling plans and two new Android phones. However, it’s the prepaid carriers Tracfone, MetroPCS and Leap who have the most to fear.

The T-Mobile “Even More Plus” plan, does not require a contract and includes an unlimited (data and voice) option for $80 a month and a voice-only unlimited plan for $50 a month. Keep in mind these offers will not help lower the cost of buying a new phone from them without a contract and works well if you are keeping your current phone.  These plans do allow users to pay for expensive smart phones over a 20 month period without interest; users who already have a handset can also take advantage without additional fees.

Sprint iPhone 4S 3G Data Traffic Slow

Sprint Nextel (NYSE: S) is betting billions on the iPhone 4S, and now the No. 3 U.S. carrier is answering a few customer complaints that the massive data traffic being generated by their new Apple "smartphone" is overwhelming its network. Sprint's iPhone is not 4G and so far Sprint's Unlimited 3G data plans are winning lots of new customers but this will come with an expensive network upgrade price.  Sprint said, “We are looking into a small number of reports of slow data speeds when using the iPhone 4S, however there are also reports showing that Sprint’s network is the fastest.” Sprint Nextel said in a statement.  

This is not surprising to us as we reported earlier this year, the Verizon iPhone was slowing their network.  As soon as Verizon launched the iPhone we started receiving hundreds of dropped call and dead zone complaints from customers on the East Coast of the U.S.  Here is a letter from a customer who said, "Verizon dropping more calls after the iPhone launched".   When AT&T first launched the iPhone their network got crushed and we think Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) stock could tank as few customers want to pay for crappy 3G vs Free WiFi.  We always preached to our readers that being on a network with fewer customers around you will help you stay connected more consistently.

The iPhone 4S could be a lifeline for Sprint, but not if it can’t support the product. As part of its plan to manage data traffic, Sprint Nextel is trying to raise cash to build out and upgrade its network. But Wall Street lacks confidence that the company can increase market share and boost profits, so analysts expect that Sprint Nextel will need to pay double-digit interest rates in order to raise more funds.

Sprint retail stores have been completely sold out of the 16GB and 32GB iPhone 4S and did not know when they would get more. Unfortunately, Sprint is losing potential sales to Apple stores, which still have the phone. Here is a chart comparing previous iPhone 1, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

Microsoft Excel and Word Files Not Opening With Starter Kit?

Are you suddenly unable to open Microsoft Excel (.XLS) and Word Files (.DOC) using Microsoft Starter Kit?   Apparently Microsoft is playing some tricks and in their last update they changed the file automatic file association of these documents.  Here is how to fix it.  Without changing the settings you can open up Excel and Word and then open these files.  However, if you like navigate to the files on your desktop or in a folder Starter Kit may not open the file.    This is just another scam by Microsoft trying to trick you into thinking your license has expired.  This is simply not true and will save you a lot of money because you don't need the full blown Excel and Doc versions.
Click on the Doc file and change the association to what is below. 

Click on the Excel File and change the associate to what is below.

Where is AT&T Expanding 4G?

AT&T now covers nearly 200 million people across 397 markets with its high-speed wireless network. AT&T currently covers more than 200 million people when including its HSPA+ network in its “4G” figures. By the end of 2013, AT&T expects to provide LTE coverage to all major U.S. metro areas with 270 million people across 400 markets. 

AT&T customers have access to 2 of the nation’s largest 4G networks (LTE & HSPA+) working together for customers: LTE and HSPA+ with enhanced backhaul.  AT&T will continue to have access to fast HSPA+ speeds outside of an LTE area. With some other carriers, when you travel outside of their LTE coverage, you’re on a much slower 3G network.  
Learn what LTE is below in this video. 

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Vidalia, GAWaycross, GAMurray, KYAlexandria, LARolla, MOColumbus, MSYazoo City, MSAlbermarle, NC, Greenville, NCMorehead City, NCSandusky, OHMorristown, TNAbilene, TX, Logan, UT, Detroit, MI, Honolulu, HI, Seattle, WA, Pittsburgh, PA, Portland, ORSacramento, CABirmingham, ALMemphis, TNAlbany, NYRochester, NYBuffalo, NYBurlington, NCCorpus Christi, TXGainesville, FLGreensboro-Winston-Salem, NCWichita, KSCharlotte, NCCleveland, OHWaco TXFayetteville, ARGaineville, FLNYC expansion (Nassau & Suffolk Counties)Devner expansion (Westminster)Boise expansion (Nampa)Elizabethtown, KYLaramie, WYNYC, North Shore Long Island, Oyster BayDover, DELeonardtown, MDOcean City, MDAsheville, NCGoldsboro, NCSalem, ORCulpeper, VARoanoke, VALongview, WAPort Townsend-North Whidbey Island-Camano Island, WAShelton, WAAlbany, NY (Schenectady) , Chicago, IL (DeKalb County), Harrisburg, PA (Linglesown)Ocala, FL (Dunnellon), Phoenix, AZ (Casa Grande)Washington, D.C. (Calvert County)Washington, D.C. (Stafford & Spotslvania Counties) 

Is Verizon FiOS Blocking Wifi Enabled TVs From Connecting To Routers?

Having Samsung Wireless Link FiOS Router Problems?

What most people don't know is that Verizon FiOS has a nasty reputation of secretly blocking competition by creating technical hurdles that make devices not work any longer.  I had my Samsung TV hooked up to my Verizon Actiontec router for over a year and it suddenly stopped working.  This happened a few years ago when I was using Slingbox as well and trying to access TV programming remotely.  Verizon blocked access.   Are they not blocking access to their routers from Samsung and other WiFi enabled TV's?  

Why would Verizon FiOS do this?  First they want to rent you DVR boxes for $10-$20 per month.  Second, they don't want their customers using Netflix, Pandora or anything that competes with watching TV or video on demand.  Why is no one investigating this?   FCC?

T-Mobile Web Site Log-In Password Reset is Not Working

I have tried resetting my password multiple times through email and web site.  The message says we do not recognize the phone number or password.  I don't have the patience to deal with their phone service team. Anyone else have a similar problem?  

Why all the Lies About Cell Phones On Airplanes?

Using Cell Phones on Airplane Myth

Why do airplane crews still tell passengers that cell phones will disrupt navigation? It is a lie!

The FCC's concern (not the FAA) was that it will make it more difficult for people on the ground to get and hold a cellphone connection. The potential for airplanes collectively carrying tens of thousands of cell-phoner users at any one time to disrupt cellphone calls on the ground is the reason for the regulation.  Why don't airlines just say that? Because an early clever bureaucrat concluded that passengers would rigidly obey a rule that otherwise might cause their plane to crash, but would be much less motivated if the potential risk is to some unknown person on the ground who might have to redial a few more times.  Read more at eWeek.

Free Live Streaming Wifi Dish TV on Southwest Airlines is Awesome!

Free Live Streaming WiFi Dish TV on Southwest Airlines is Awesome

I enjoyed 3 hours of live TV on a recent flight to my laptop, iPad and iPod.  It was easy to use and was free. If you want internet access this is an additional cost of $4 to $8 depending on the length of your flight.

Using your own laptop, tablet or smartphone, you will have unlimited access to both live channels and on-demand television shows at no cost.  You can watch CNBC, Fox, MSNBC, Golf Channel, NBC, NFL and a bunch of other stations.  See more available content & stations below.

What kind of device do I need?

You will be able to test your device prior to purchasing TV or movies. The inflight entertainment offerings are available on WiFi-enabled devices (802.11g/n) that meet the following minimum requirements:

Windows Devices Minimum Requirements
  • Operating System: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 7.x (or higher), Firefox 11.x (or higher), Google Chrome 18.x (or higher).
  • Plug-ins: Adobe Flash Player 10.0.22 (or higher)
Apple Minimum Requirements (iPad, iPod, Macs)
  • Operating System: OSX 10.6.x, or 10.7.x
  • Browser: Safari 5.x (or higer), Firefox 11.x (or higher), Google Chrome 18.x (or higher)
  • Plug-ins: Adobe Flash Player 10.0.22 or higher
  • iOS Requirements: Compatible with iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, iPod touch: 3rd & 4th generation, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
Android Requirements: Only select devices are supported at this time.

The live TV channel lineup includes: Bravo CNBC FOX 5 New York (WNYW) FOX Business Network FOX News Channel Golf Channel (Major League Baseball), when games are available MSNBC NBC 4 (WNBC) NFL Network Select episodes from: 30 Rock Downton Abbey Grimm House Law & Order Law & Order: SVU Parenthood Parks and Recreation Royal Pains Smash The Office Top Chef Up All Night Whitney Available movies: Babe Back To The Future Definitely, Maybe Despicable Me Field of Dreams Jurassic Park King Kong Letters to Juliet Man on a Ledge Meet the Fockers Nanny McPhee Notting Hill Once Pride and Prejudice Red The Adjustment Bureau The Bourne Identity The Bourne Supremacy The Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift The Hunger Games The Mummy The Three Musketeers The Twilight Saga: Eclipse The Twilight Saga: New Moon Tower Heist Twilight Warrior

Mobile Hotspots – The Wireless Sweet Spot

Mobile Hotspots – The Wireless Sweet Spot
By Derek Ting, CEO and Co-founder, Enflick

We’ve all experienced WiFi frustrations – whether poor connections caused by congestion in a crowded airport or convention center or unavailable WiFi due to a lack of spectrum. Yet in today’s world, where we’ve become so accustomed to continuous and on-demand connectivity, the pain point is even higher when it happens. If we’re stuck somewhere, we want the ability to be productive and stay in touch – and further, we don’t want to pay outrageous sums of money to do so.

That is exactly the problem that we want to solve with TextNow MiFi. We want to make it possible – and affordable – for consumers to easily create their own mobile wireless hotspot for on-demand and on-the-go texting and calling – from wherever you are.

We believe that mobile hotspots are the wireless sweet spot – with their ability to deliver continuous connectivity from anywhere and at the most affordable cost. And this reliable connectivity is available today without a costly cell phone plan – or signing your life away on a years-long contract.

Enflick already delivers free phone service over WiFi to more than 18 million users in the U.S. and Canada through our leading texting application TextNow. In our latest venture, we partnered with Sprint – using the Novatel Wireless MiFi technology platform – to deliver wireless broadband connectivity from any location – without the need for WiFi.

The result is TextNow MiFi, a ready-to-go, pocket-size device that works with any platform supporting WiFi – delivering universal wireless connectivity at a budget-friendly price. The device itself is available for a one-time fee of $39.99 and service is as low as $15 a month. In addition, the product comes with a free upgrade to our TextNow app – with all of the enhancements, including call forwarding, no ads and 200 free minutes of calling a month.

Another unique feature of TextNow MiFi is that it lets users enable other mobile devices to deliver phone services. For example, with TextNow MiFi, you can give an iPod or iPad the same phone capabilities of an iPhone. For parents with kids, this can be a huge cost-saver. Families, in particular, are paying astronomical monthly amounts for cell phone connectivity. TextNow MiFi gives them an affordable alternative – that’s still hip.

Another unique feature of TextNow MiFi is that it lets users enable other mobile devices to deliver phone services. For example, with TextNow MiFi, you can give an iPod or iPad the same phone capabilities of an iPhone. For parents with kids, this can be a huge cost-saver. Families, in particular, are paying astronomical monthly amounts for cell phone connectivity. TextNow MiFi gives them an affordable alternative – that’s still hip.

Check out some interesting numbers in this info graphic – “Your Smartphone or Your Dinner” – produced by the website Some stats it highlights: monthly cell phone costs have grown 300% over the past nine years; and the average smartphone bill is 90% higher than average non-smartphone bill

Wow Oovoo Has 75M Users & Growing Fast

How many people have heard of Oovoo?  Not me until I met the team at CTIA in Las Vegas today.  Impressive story and growth for the company providing one to many video chat.  Apparently, there are much better alternatives FaceTime, Skype and Google Chat.  Oovoo's primary user base is in the US and their customers are using the service on 3G, 4G and WiFi.  This is not an alternative to voice so the carriers are beginning to look at Oovoo as an obvious data bundling partner to sell additional data plans.
Oovoo's secret sauce is their cloud based video service vs. competitors like Skype which uses peer to peer.  P2P can run into quality issues managing bandwidth where Oovoo's video service in the cloud does a better job of managing bandwidth amongst the various users.  The service is advertising based and free to the users. 
Key questions I still have are how much data does this service use? 
What are the tools to help measure and manage usage for users to avoid the huge data bill? 
Thanks again for the ride to the CTIA convention center on the bus. 

iPhone Cases & Effects on Cellular Reception

batterry and case for iPhone 4

During the development phase of a new iPhone by Apple, a large amount of time is spent on the device's inherent signal strength, the calibration of its signal output and its compatibility with wireless networks. As such, if we assume that every iPhone's signal strength is optimized and that occasional spotty service can be ignored, there is still another unexpected cause for bad cell reception: the phone’s protective case.

For most consumers, the effect of their iPhone 4S case on their reception is still widely unknown. Usually, the purchase of such a case is motivated by the additional protection or personalization it offers. The realization of the case’s negative effects on reception only dawn on users after they experience an increase in dropped calls or an unusually slow connection. Nonetheless, not all cases are created equal and it comes down to choosing the right one.

The iPhone 4S' cellular dual antennas are located on the bottom side of the device. Long term iPhone users may thus have noticed that cupping a hand around the bottom of the phone during calls can cause signal loss and developed their own version of the humorously called "iPhone Death Grip." The iPhone 4 & 4S are especially sensitive to contact around the metal band encircling the phone and the seam on the lower left side of the band as they serve the purpose of covering a series of otherwise exposed antennas.

A drop in signal quality can thus also be caused by a cell phone case that wasn't properly designed to ensure the iPhone's best signal. Indeed, the manufacturers' efforts to create a device with great signal strength sometimes get completely annihilated by a case or cover with lower standards. Generally, it is advised to be careful with accessory manufacturers that are not endorsed by the manufacturer—Apple, in this case.

Among the most common materials used for the different cases —rubber or silicone, aluminum, and carbon fiber— some are often incriminated in the loss of cellular signal and the cause for Radio Frequency Interference (RFI). Carbon fiber cases show average levels of signal inhibition ranging from 40 percent to 60 percent of the original signal strength. Aluminum and other metallic cases obtained similarly high results, making both materials some of the most common reasons for blocked radio frequencies and lower cell signal reception. Ironically, aluminum and carbon fiber cases are on the most-wanted list of materials for iPhone cases because of their trendy and sleek design. Too often, this proves to be the wrong decision when it comes to signal reception.

On the other hand, rubber and other plastic derivatives are a safer solution for cell phone cases. The conductivity of any rubber is usually minimal and thus won't affect the cell phone's signal reception. In most cases, it can even have a positive impact by preventing your skin (more conductible than plastic) to get in contact with the metal rim of the iPhone 4. The most high-quality iPhone 4S rubber cases even use high-end material for a softer touch, a more fashionable look and a virtually undetectable effect on cellular reception.

If you are extremely concerned about your cellular reception, you might also want to look at the thickness of the rubber or even the color of the item. Carbon and titanium dioxide are common colorants for respectively black and white cases and might thus affect your reception as well.

On a final note, the general recommendation is that you should only buy carbon fiber or metallic cases if you can afford to consistently lose 1-2 bars of signal. Otherwise, a rubber case might be the safer solution.

4 Phones To Look Into Before Upgrading

Are you in the market for a new phone? Or maybe you are looking to switch carriers and want to know your options. Either way, upgrading to a new phone can be a big decision, especially for those of you who aren't necessarily unhappy with your current model. Here we have compiled a list of the best phones out right now:
  1. iPhone 5: Too many reasons to list, iPhone is the only way to go. The 5th generation of the beloved iPhone, it is arguably the model in which all others try to beat. Operating this phone is quite simple, and with the amount of quality apps available, it is easy to see why the iPhone 5 tops the list. This model is obviously thinner than the previous 4-S model, but it also contains a 4 inch retina screen. The iPhone 5 is available through AT&T, Spring and Verizon
  2. Samsung Galaxy S4: In close competition with the iPhone 5, Samsung has created a phone that has taken some attention away from Apple. With 4G LTE it is clearly the best model of Galaxy to date. This model is available in white or gray and has a similar appearance as the S III. One of the biggest differences is the new model is thinner and lighter. It also has a 5 inch HD screen that takes viewing to a much more high tech level. Fingerprints are annoying on your phone; with this model, you are able to simple hover over the screen vs actually touch it. Another fun feature is the ability to tilt up or down in order to scroll. Available through Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon.
  3. HTC One: Using the latest Android operating system, Jelly Bean, with this model you will experience a similar home screen to the Windows Phone 8. Allowing you to customize your home screen with the social networks and news feeds that are important to you. Currently it is popular for those who produce such devices to add megapixels to your phones camera. This concept actually goes in the opposite direction. There are less megapixels, however they incorporated a bigger sensor, which is beneficial to those who like to snap shots in low light or in the darker hours. With a screen that measures 4.7 inches, viewing in zoom is not a problem with this model. Available through AT&T, Spring and T-Mobile.
  4. Google Nexus 4: A great phone, with the only downfall of being available only through T-Mobile. If you are currently a part of this network or looking to switch providers, then this may be a phone that will peak your interest. With a 4.7 inch screen the display has a similar pixel density to the retina screen of the iPhone 5. This phone that is made by LG arguably has the best android hardware to date. But perhaps the best feature on this phone is the battery life that easily lasts all day; much longer than any other phone on the market.
Regardless of what you are looking for in a phone, the ability to connect to the internet at a faster rate without losing your connection is vital. Whether at home, school, work or out on a weekend getaway with family and friends, wireless internet or a similarly reliable connection is essential in communication. Don't pick a phone, or carrier based on the sleekest look. Make sure you have the capability to do everything you need to keep your life up and running.

Best and Worst Mobile Reception

We are living in an era where instant communication is everything. Having a decent cell reception has become an important criterion for people selecting an area to live in. The general expectation is that we would get cellular reception in all areas, but this isn’t the case as a recent study has conducted by SmartPlanet has identified top 10 worst cities for signal reception in U.S.

The Best Reception Areas

In terms of the best signal reception, New York tops the list. The reason is that adequate numbers of cellular towers are in place to match the growing population. New York is followed closely by Chicago and then Los Angeles. The correlation over here is that cities which have developed in terms of technology and other indicators have decent signal reception. Other top reception areas include Memphis, Houston, Philadelphia, San Diego and Phoenix.

Worst Areas

In terms of worst areas for signal reception, we have Bakersfield, Colorado Spring, Oklahoma City, Lincoln, Toledo, Tucson and Milwaukee among the main ones. Detroit also falls in the top ten lists and may come as a surprise for some, but the thing is that the overall building architecture in the city is such that signals drop easily, especially with a lot of skyscrapers that come in the way of signals.

Bakersfield and Signal Reception

Bakersfield, California tops the list of worst signal reception in the U.S. Most of this can be attributed to the increase in the population and inadequate signal towers. The increase in population is identified as a major factor since Bakersfield has one of the highest population blooms in the U.S. Its population increased by forty percent during the 2000-2011 time periods.

Another slightly related issue is that of bill recovery in Bakersfield that discourages carriers from expanding more. Our mobile phone bills are usually billed on a monthly account and with the recession hit reduced income that could pose a problem. The bill also includes those for home phone and internet services as well. Your debt may keep piling up in this regard, and then there is the obligation to save too. So you are left with the question of should I save money or pay off debt?

There is no single answer to this. It depends on the individual's preferences as the area doesn't seem to be getting good reception any time soon as fiscal recovery is the top priority for now . It's also tied into the issue of settling credit card debt.

The best carrier that has been identified in the area is Sprint whereas the worst is AT&T. Majority of the population is using AT&T preferably because of the cost effective nature, but this had a heavy toll on the overall signal reception in the area.

How to overcome

The best bet for an immediate measure would be to revert to the best carrier in the area. There’s also the possibility of using boosters as is being done in the case of Wi-Fi signals. Things are going to improve for Bakersfield in the coming few years since there has been oil drilling activity initiated this year. This would bode well for the economy in terms of job creation. Furthermore, a hidden benefit in this case would be better facilities like signal reception.

There has also been talk of microcells being used to boost signals. They are available by the name of Femtocell and are being provided by some cellular carriers. This particular device can be said to be a minirouter and can be installed in your home/apartment/office. It would boost your cell phone reception. People who have used it along with AT&T have found the results to be good. This can be used as a relevant tool for solving the issue of poor reception.

How Many iPhone Users Does China Mobile Have?

iPhone 6 for China Mobile?

Is a low cost iPhone 6 coming later this year to open up the China market?  China Mobile has more than 700 million customers and is plowing $7 billion this year into building a new 4G  network to retain supremacy.  China Mobile already had 15M iPhone 5 subscribers without directly selling Apple's handset last year.  How many subscribers will they have if they launched a lower cost version?

On Apple's conference call, Tim Cook said the following:
  • Revenue came in at $8.8B up 18% in China.  
  • iPads grew at 130% YOY.  
  • Greater china revenue was up approximately 18%.  
  • iPhone 5 just launched in December
  • iPhone 4 shows significant as it is more affordable.
  • Samsung is a tough competitor in hardware
  • Google is a tough competitor on the operating system side.  

How To Measure Power Line, Electronics & Cell Phone EMF

Do you ever wonder home much radiation is coming up the power lines near year?  Have you ever wondered how much radiation you are getting by holding the cell phone up to your ear for long periods of time?  Do you sleep near an alarm clock, TV or circuit breaker?  This device detects cell phone radiation and extremely low frequency electromagnetic fields from power lines. The gauss meter will often reveal surprises, such as the high EMF emissions from electric toothbrushes, shavers, microwave ovens, photocopy machines, cordless phones, and high-intensity electrical wiring.

Studies have delivered warnings about long-term exposure to cell phone radiation and certain electromagnetic fields. But since these dangers can’t be seen by the naked eye, how can you protect yourself and your family? The CellSensor EMF Detection Meter measures both of these hazards with an easy-to-read gauge that also beeps and glows when high readings are detected.

Think twice before you do all these things and buy yourself a low cost Cell Sensor to measure the radiation that you are being exposed to in your life.  You don't need an expensive EMF consultant.  Do it yourself for less than $50.  It works and I own one!  

Free or Low Cost $300 iPhone 6 in 2013?

Is This the iPhone 6 for $300?

Will Apple launch an iPhone 6 later this fall for $300 or free with a 2 year cell phone contract?  The low-cost iPhone would look similar to the iPod classic, with a flat back and curved edges along with a shift to elongated volume buttons on the left side. 

AOL Patch is Trying to Copy Our Business

AOL Patch is trying to copy our trademark and map business. 

AOL patch has copied our crowdsourced dead zones map and is using our trademarked term in their articles.  We have prior art usage of "Dead Zones" and "Dead Cell Zones" for last 13 years.  We have worked diligently to protect and grow this brand over the last 13 years.

We have made a simple request to AOL Patch's publishers and legal / trademark team to stop using the term "Dead Zones" as it relates to cell phone coverage problem areas.   We have made a simple request without using lawyers to AOL Patch. We requested that use any other term that is not currently trademarked for a business like Dead Zones or Dead Cell Zones for our mapping business.  They could use terms like "bad cell phone coverage", "dead spots", "bad coverage areas", "poor coverage", "poor reception" and "bad patch"., and all have their own unique trademarks as competitors and should be respected as well. 

AOL Patch has created a local map for the following cities so far.  Fremont, Lake Elsinore, Wildomar, Campbell, Rockridge, Lamorinda, Alameda, Santee, Piedmont, Coronado and Glendoar.  

Should All Wireless Devices Be Securely Registered To A Person or Business?

Triangulation of Cell Phone For Identification

Today's bombing at the Boston Marathon makes you wonder . . . Were the device(s) used to trigger the bomb done by a wireless device or cell phone?  If a wireless devices was used to trigger the explosion, this device would have need to talk to a WiFi or cellular network in the area.  Every devices has an IP address but is every IP address tied to an individual or busienss?  This raises the question should all wireless devices have identification tied to them?  Surely, police should be able to obtain all of the cell phone records and track all of the devices being using by AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile or Sprint in the area and narrow down the suspects?  This raises the question once again should our privacy take priority over our safety?   

Femtocells Direct Response Marketing Industry

The femtocell industry could be on the cusp of becoming one of the largest online direct response marketing areas if the carriers could simply get their act together.  The product category is expected to grow from 200,000 units in 2009 to over 70 million by 2014.  Carriers are still in denial about their problems and it remains to be seen if the carriers themselves will do the majority of the marketing or if they will leave it up to third parties to figure it out.  Carriers have spent billions of dollars defending their networks and trying to brainwash consumers that they have the best coverage maps and refuse to acknowledge their in-building coverage limitations to the media. AT&T & Verizon own 160 million customers and have two thirds of the market in the U.S. and are not really that motivated to roll these products out and admit their flaws.  We are most curious to see what the other one third of the market or 80 million customers do with femtocells: T-Mobile, Sprint, TracFone, MetroPCS, Cricket, Boost, Cox, Comcast and Time Warner.

One disruptive new market entrant Magic Jack recently announced the development of a Femto Jack USB femtocell for $20 per year.  This announcement seemed to light a fire under the large carriers to get more trials underway and get product in the market. Other technology alternatives and quasi competitors include Skype and Google Voice who are using Wi-Fi to get cell phone reception on smart phones.  The cable companies are also heavily vested in land lines into the home and want to protect these assets.  I can't image Cox & Comcast will want to have AT&T and Verizon voice / data traffic congesting their lines?  I expect these players to invest huge amounts of capital into the wireless business which will provide a quad play.

At a price point of $5-10 per month or around $100-200 there will be plenty of margin for carriers and new cable entrants to pay marketing professionals for customer acquisition.  The key will be targeting customers who truly have a home coverage problem for voice and data.  We happen to think that approximately 120M mobile users in the U.S. alone are candidates for femtocells.  Our data on suggests that 50% of homes and businesses do not have seamless wireless coverage throughout the home.  Rural customers will be targeted areas for femtocell products because of the large distances between cell phone towers.  Customers who live in the city will be targeted for data congestion issues on the network.

Fewer Dropped Calls or Faster Speeds? (Poll)

If you had to choose between a wireless carrier that had fewer dropped calls or a wireless carrier that had faster download speeds which would you choose>

iOS 6.1 Upgrade Fixes iPad WiFi Problems

iOS 6.1 Fixes WiFi Connectivity Problems

Do you have multiple iPads in your house connecting to the same WiFi router?  Many people have experienced problems with iPads losing a connection or clicks not working while browsing the internet or playing a game.  It appears that the latest iOS 6.1 software upgrade has drastically improved the dropped signal rate.  The only fix prior to this upgrade was to frequently renew lease on the WiFi settings.  

Verizon FiOS Mobile iPad App WiFi Streaming

Verizon FiOS Mobile App

FiOS finally has streaming on the iPad.  Download the FiOS Mobile App from the App store. It only took a decade but its finally here.  If you have FiOS in your home, you can now stream your content directly to your iPad anywhere within your WiFi network.  Watch shows out by the pool or out on the deck away from your main TV.  Its pretty cool.   

10 Cheap Android Phones On Sale

Amazon Wireless has a number of cheap Android phones for sale that will work on AT&T, Verizon, Sprint- T-Mobile, Net10, MetroPCS and Tracfone.   HTC, Samsung, Motorola. LG and Dell all have older modeled phones that are now on sale.  Some of these may be used but most are likely brand new.  

How Will Super Bowl Cell Phone Reception Be in New Orleans?

New Orleans Cell Phone Reception Locations

I attended the Super Bowl in Indianapolis last year and was shocked how poor the cell phone reception was inside the stadium.  Its 2013 and no matter how much added network capacity it seams that Verizon, AT&T, Sprint & T-Mobile add around the stadium they still can't keep up with demand.  I would be shocked if service will be any better in New Orleans at the Superdome this year.  With all the DAS, WiFi and mobile cell phone towers available you would think that the NFL and team owners would invest in providing adequate coverage so the pictures and video can be shared.

Poll: Are Oversized Cell Phones A New Trend?

Featured Samsung Phones at CES 2013

Are oversized cell phones the new thing?  Tablets seem to be getting smaller like the iPad Mini and cell phones seem to be getting larger.  Cell phones are also getting faster with 4G LTE.  Are male mobile phone users willing to tolerate not being about to put their phone in their jeans pocket?  However, if you are a woman and carry a purse maybe a larger phone isn't such an issue.  Let us know what you think in this poll.

Survey: Has Your Cell Reception Improved Since 4G / LTE Launched?

Please fill out our survey below on whether your cell phone reception has improved since 4G / LTE has launched.  Many of our web site contributors have complained at that their Verizon, AT&T and Sprint reception at home is now worse (dropped calls, dead zones, data congestion) but their download and upload speeds are faster when they have a reliable connection.  Please share with us under comments specific areas that your cell phone reception is now worse in the last few years.

Unlimited Mobile to Mobile Calling Plans?

Bait & Switch Unlimited Calling Plans . . . 

Every carrier now has unlimited calling plans.  However, we are doing some research on which wireless carriers claim to provide unlimited calling plans but then charge a fee something else.  The old "bait and switch" billing method without full disclosure.  Cell phone calling plans have always been complicated and somewhat confusing as they are now being blended with unlimited data plans.  Most people expect a flat fee every month but then see charges that they don't recognize or understand.

Please tell us below under comments below which carriers trick you into paying for an unlimited plan and then charge you for something else without fulling disclosing.   

iPad Mini Charger is Not Working

Has anyone else noticed a problem charging their iPad Mini or iPhone 5?  I have had several problems charging my iPad Mini while connected to an outlet.  The iPad Mini and iPhone 5 connectors connectors are smaller.  My solution to resolve the problem has been to remove this piece below and flip it over.  Sometimes cleaning it to remove any debris can make a difference as well.

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