Pandora Data Network Not Availability Problems

Do Android phones stream Pandora content better over cellular LTE than iPhones?  I switch from an Android phone to a Iphone today and was listening to Pandora on a run.  It kept cutting out saying network was not available. This has never happened using an Android phone. Anyone familiar with the issue? All other data and apps were working fine and my data plan was current.  

T-Mobile Digits Is Huge Carrier Game Changer!

One Phone Number on Multiple Devices

One phone number for multiple devices: Works Android Phones, iPhones, iPads.

With DIGITS, your T-Mobile number works across virtually all your connected devices—phones, tablets, wearables and computers. And, in another Un-carrier first, DIGITS lets customers put multiple T-Mobile numbers on the same device, so you can combine work, home and personal numbers on a single smartphone.
For example:  You can text on your phone, iPad or PC or Mac all at the same time.  The messages are all synced on every device.  You call also make phone calls on every device.  No longer do you have to depend on quality cell phone coverage if you have great wifi.   Sign-up Now! 
DIGITS marks the first time customers can get a complete solution that lights up numbers on virtually any Internet-connected device, lets you use multiple numbers on one device and delivers carrier-grade calling. DIGITS prioritizes calls from your phone over other data so calls are more reliable with crystal clear HD voice quality and full mobility. That’s because DIGITS is your real wireless number with real wireless calling – not a best-efforts data connection like you get with over-the-top (OTT) Internet calling services. Sign-up Now!

Unified Blue Tooth Speakers by Tempow

Tempow - Unified Blue Tooth Speakers
Cool startup Tempow listen to multiple Blue Tooth devices at once synchronized.  Discovered this at CES 2017. 

ConTechTrio LIVE at CES2017 with Eureka Park - The startups!

Long Range Wireless Intercom for Remote Job Sites

Long Range Wireless Intercom for Remote Job Sites
Discovered this product at CES 2017.  At last, I can talk to my colleagues in my field operations: saving time and improving safety when no cell phone coverage is available!  Startup Appi Technology from France that showcased at CES 2017.

Watch the interview with Appi about half way through.  

T-Mobile CEO John Legere Behind the Scenes Interview at CES 2017

@JohnLegere LIVE on Periscope @TMobile CEO Behind-the-scenes of interview with @ABC!!

New things I have learned about him:  He is a runner! 

Laundroid Folding Machine Is Awesome!

Laundroid Folding Machine
Laundroid is the world’s first fully automatic laundry folding machine, was achieved from the harmonization of three core technologies: image analysis, artificial intelligence, and robotics. laundroid will bring a major change in our lives.  Laundroid   Future products will wash, fold, clean and sort.

Insta360 VR Live Stream 360 Degree Camera is Awesome!

$99 Insta360 VR Camera
What a great way to broadcast a your kid's game or an event to family and friends who cannot attend?  Would love to hear your feedback on the camera quality.

You can stream the video on a 4G network and also using WiFI.  4K video at 25 to 30 frames per second.  Available for Android, iPad and iPhone.

Here is a video of the Director of AR and VR for Twitter talking about the product.  

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