Cingular Focusing on Nebraska Coverage?

Cingular Wireless today said it will spend $12 million this year to extend coverage and enhance the quality of service for customers in Nebraska. The company expects to add approximately 31 cell sites in the state this year. Last year, Cingular invested over $6 million on its network in Nebraska, adding coverage and capacity via new cell sites, new switching complexes, portable generators and back-up batteries, and by rolling out new data features. This local investment was part of Cingular's estimated $6.2 billion national network capital expenditure program during 2005. Wasn't aware that so many Cingular customers existed in Nebraska.

Story Line of "Pulse" The Horror Movie

In "Pulse," all the little marvels of the modern world — PCs, PDAs, wireless Internet — become portals for soul-stealing phantoms who prey on the living and especially young college students. Eventually, the only safe places are the dead zones where cell-phone signals can't reach. This may be the first movie in which the frantic heroes are actually hoping for a dropped call.

Nokia TDMA Phone Charges

Cingular Wireless said on Monday it would start charging customers with older phones an extra $4.99 monthly fee as early as September unless they upgrade their phones as it moves toward using a single network technology. The fee would apply to about 4.7 million subscribers, or about 8 percent, of its 57.3 million customer base unless these users upgrade their phones. Cingular has been working for years to phase out these technologies in favor of GSM (Global System of Mobile Communications), a newer technology that is the world's most popular wireless standard. Customer discounts on new phones will depend on issues such as how long they have been customers at Cingular.

UK Bad Mobile Patch Map

Vodafone’s decision to back-peddle on its promotion of 3G is timely acceptance by the world’s biggest mobile operator that the technology and its services are not compelling enough for subscribers to pay the premium prices that mobile carriers are charging. The re-evaluation might have a domino effect throughout the industry and it is expected that other operators will follow suit and change their marketing tack. Vodafone is now to concentrate on pushing the excellence of 3G voice similar to Verizon in the U.S. This is a signal that operators are now focusing on their customers real needs and will be competing more directly on the quality of the basic services they offer. The difficulty with this approach though is that individual subscribers have no independent way of assessing which mobile carrier actually offers the best quality. The parameters that determine “quality” vary so much between carriers and in subscriber perceptions that was started as an open forum where mobile phone users can share service coverage complaints with fellow subscribers and with the operators themselves.

Cingular Releases More Detailed Coverage Maps

Cingular Wireless launched an online mapping tool that can be used to check coverage at a more detailed level than previous broad coverage maps provided. Cingular joins rival T-Mobile, which offers a similar detailed mapping service. Even the detailed maps have their limits because calls can fail in places that are shown as being thoroughly covered if a customer uses a phone from within certain parts of a building or house. The mapping improvement is one way Cingular hopes to enhance customer service. Sprint Nextel, is considering a mapping tool that will show street-level coverage, but it would be available only in retail stores. Verizon Wireless, the No. 2 rival to Cingular, doesn't plan to change its online maps, which offer broader guidance. In my opinion the next step in customer service is to acknowledge and comment on each of the nearly 20,000 complaints in our database.

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