Google Free Ad Supported Cell Phone?

The internet giant Google has held talks with Orange, the second-largest European mobile phone operator, about a multi-billion-dollar partnership to create a 'Google phone' which makes it easy to search the web wherever you are. Among the potential benefits are location-based searches: aware of your handset's geographical position, Google could offer a tailored list of local cinemas, restaurants and other amenities, and maps and images from Google Earth. Which carrier network would they piggyback on in the U.S.?  T-Mobile or simply a Wifi network alone?  Who needs cellular when most people use their phone 60% indoors.  Cenoplex is another company that could enable free ad supported cell phones in the future. 

City Zoning Ease Cell Tower Antenna Restrictions

Seeking to eliminate cell-phone dead spots, Palm Beach, Florida Planning and Zoning Commission votes to recommend allowing wireless antennas in all multi-family residential districts. The Palm Beach Planning and Zoning Commission took steps Wednesday intended to eliminate blackouts in cell-phone service. The commission voted 7-0 to recommend that zoning regulations be eased so wireless communications antennas are allowed in all multi-family residential districts. The "stealth" antennas — so-called because they are required to conform to the architecture and color of the building upon which they are erected. 

Cell Phones & Cancer Risk?

heat map image of the head after a 15 minute cell phone call.
In the latest study to address the issue of cellular phones and cancer, a Danish survey of more than 420,000 cell phone users who first subscribed to service in the early 1980s through the mid-1990s suggests that there is no link. Published in the December 6 issue of the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, the study found that 14,249 incidences of cancer occurred in study participants. However, the rates were no higher than what was considered normal for tumors of the brain, throat, ear andand eye, or for incidences of leukemia.

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