10" Android Tablets from $150 to $499

If you are into saving money and open buying products that are not overpriced than you have found the right place.  Here are a few Android tablets that will compete with the iPad on price and functionality.  Zenithink, iRobot, ePad, Plexon, Archos & Ican are all legitimate companies that make products that should be considered before buying an iPad.  If you are looking for cheap 7" tablets check on this link we have created with other Amazon.com products.  Don't be afraid of using a tablet without a data plan because WiFi hotspots are growing 25X faster than 3G or 4G cell phone towers.  All you can eat data plans are hard to come by on 3G or 4G networks these days.  AT&T no longer offers any all-you-can-eat data plans so you need to think carefully about using tablet devices with WiFi only.

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