All major wireless carriers claiming to offer the fewest dropped calls, wireless management services provider www.MindWireless.com used its vast database of Houston call data for a study. Using a sample of more than 80 million calls placed in the Houston area received between January 1, 2006 and June 30, 2006. They defined a dropped or "duplicate call" as a call from a cellular device to another wireless device or landline placed within two minutes of a prior call to the same destination, with no call between. Additionally, calls to self (voicemail) & Nextel push-to-talk calls were excluded., mindWireless ranked the carriers in the following order of % of dropped calls:

1 Sprint 5.4%
2 Cingular legacy AT&T) 5.7%
3 Verizon 8.0%
4 Cingular (legacy Cingular) 11.3%
5 T-Mobile 13.8%
6 Nextel 14.6%


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