AT&T's 'Mark The Spot' iPhone App Review

10 Reasons Why AT&T's iPhone App Fails

This image is just one of the many reasons why AT&T's "Mark the Spot" iPhone app is a failure to customers and the wireless industry that services the telecom giant. One would believe that as an iPhone user, telling AT&T where their coverage stinks will help fix their coverage problems but most believe including me it is far more of a PR tool than anything.  AT&T claims they are generating lots of data each month from the "Mark the Spot" app but here are ten reasons why ultimately it fails to meet customer and industry expectations.
  1. Fails to report dropped call, failed call, no coverage, data failure, poor voice quality if no data or cell coverage available regardless of GSM signal strength 
  2. Fails to report the coverage problem indoors or do not have a view of the sky
    1. Highly protective of complaint data and does not share with customers or public 
    2. Only works on the iPhone and maybe Blackberry soon (i hear)
    3. Data generated is concentrated in major metropolitan areas and neglects rural customers
    4. No incentive for the customer who contributes data (rebates, femtocell, microcell, free service)
    5. No feedback loop if the data is being used to actually fix coverage or just thrown into the trash
    6. No published summary of users contributing the data and volume of complaints 
    7. Infrastructure service providers are developing their own apps and begging for the data
    8. AT&T does not accept customer complaints on their own web site & management has endless amounts of excuses why they will not license our data.

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