Monday, July 12, 2010

How to Get a Free AT&T 3G MicroCell

It appears that the AT&T's "most valuable customers" are now receiving free MicroCells or mini-cell phone towers to boost their home or office cell phone signals. Today, an Engadget reader got a letter in the mail, offering his iPhone friendly family a 3G MicroCell with no strings attached. All he had to do was present the letter at his local AT&T store, he got the product for free. Read Engadget Article.

We are not surprised that AT&T has moved in this direction and is now taking steps to likely give away the product for free and eventually inside of their U-Verse.  We speculated earlier this year that AT&T was going to spend almost $1 billion on free femtocells and infrastructure and this is just the beginning.  We have also heard rumors that AT&T has been testing other femtocell manufacturers and this could be a way to move some inventory "off the shelf".  We think this version for $180 as a stand alone MicroCell is going to be obsolete very soon AT&T starts to embed a Microcell inside AT&T's U-Verse Set-Top Box DVR.

We are not quite sure what criteria will get you the "valuable customer" status yet but here are some ideas below that might help get you a free MicroCell.
  1. Find out when and if your market has the MicroCell available 
  2. Use Dead Zones Map map to share reception problems in your neighborhood
  3. Complain a lot to customer service that your home reception stinks
  4. Document your dropped calls on a daily basis
  5. Show AT&T that you have been a customer for many years
  6. Show AT&T that you have multiple AT&T iPhone's and iPad's in the house 
  7. Show AT&T that you have multiple subscribers in the house 
  8. Show AT&T that you are an AT&T U-Verse customer 
  9. Become friendly with your local AT&T store sales manager
  10. Find out when your contract expires and use renewal as leverage
If you know of any other factors that could help influence AT&T to give you a free MicroCell please submit in the comments below or email us. 


  1. AnonymousJuly 12, 2010

    so much frickin BS. If I've already been paying them for YEARS, I shouldn't have to show them JACK.

    What I am going to show them is the door, in two months when my contract is up- C YA!

  2. AnonymousJuly 12, 2010

    Just got off the phone with an AT&T rep. Account is for 2 3gs iPhones. Coverage has always been very poor/nonexistent regardless of indoors or outdoors, despite what their coverage map at the time of purchase showed. 2g Edge network only, nonexistent data functionality, no 3G anywhere nearby. Service has degraded over time, until this past 4th of July, when service literally went away and has not returned. AT&T calls this latest problem 'severely degraded service', yet offers no ETA for upgrades/repairs. AT&T's solution is to charge us for a MicroCell, with no offer of providing for free. In other words, their coverage/equipment has failed, and they want us to pay extra to work around their equipment failures, plus have us subsidize them by providing a data backhaul using our broadband internet service, which they will charge us an additional $20/month for. This is in addition to the monthly $30 data package, ($60 for both phones) of which we have barely used 1.5 gig of, in the past YEAR. We are now looking into terminating our contract, which has a year left.

  3. I was on the phone today for almost an hour trying to get dead zone problems resolved. I've had an AT&T for over 8 years and coverage has decreased in places where I travel the most (suburban...not rural... areas of NC, NY and SC). I have 8 months left on my current contract ($205 termination fee). I'll just have to suffer until I switch carriers.

  4. I have 100% AT&T services - 2 cells (iphone), local/long distant wired, and DSL. My coverage is terrible. I called to ask for a free Microcell. The CSR has no idea who decides which customer gets free Microcells but tries to sell me one so I can pay them $20 more to fix their lack of coverage. This is outrageous. I'm switching to Verizon when they have the iPhone next year!!

  5. so much frickin BS!!! Yes an intelligent human who is right on the money, could not be summed up better or with less words, nice job, if everyone would take the same approach we would not be expected to SHOW ANY OF THEM ANYTHING< plus buy more boxes and junk to make what already should work, WORK< I need another electronic box in my life like more taxes, which of course will come along when you beg them to sell you a box to make the phone you bought work, AGAIN WELL SAID

  6. What's BS is the attitude of so many people that they have some sort of "right" to good cellular coverage in their home! That's especially amusing coming from the Apple zombies who would clearly rather have a "cool" phone than good coverage. You have a choice, people -- including the choice to move or have a landline if you live somewhere that radio waves don't reach very well. Unless any of you can point to the part of your cell contract that guarantees you good coverage in your home -- or anywhere, for that matter -- then you're just whining.

  7. Good coverage is implied everywhere based on the millions of dollars they spend in commercials. AT&T and Verizon dug their own graves. Can you hear me now?

  8. Uh, yeah. And based on the millions of dollars they spend on commercials, I should have gotten laid by now for drinking Bud Light.

  9. wait wait wait wait wait... your telling me... you havent been laid while drinking bud light? i would demand your money back

  10. My name Is Jeff. I am Disabled, I need a Cedisabled ll Phone recomended by my DRs so when I leave my house I have some way of getting way to get someone. I live in a small town where it is hard to get a signal. I was told about the microcell & plus the cost The cost Is my problem. I live on a disability Income wich I do not get raises nor i just have have a small income anyway. I have People living next to me that are disabled in the same boat that I am. could you find it in your hearts to help me out. I just need the Microcell at home. I use the phone to call my drs & my family I live in Kansas My Dad & brother Live In Fl. & TN Can you Please help me? Thank you for your time
    Jeffrey C. Picard
    114 E. Alfred st
    Apt #9
    Mulberry,KS 66756

  11. They are offering mcell to prospective iPhone defectors. These ppl stuck with art purely for a stupid iPhone to make fashion statement but complained of coverage and data issues all along.

  12. I got a free micro cell by going to ATT and telling them I received a letter saying that they were offering me a free micro cell... They provided one quickly, at 0 cost it was wonderful. maybe you all should try that?


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